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winning the job search warsWinning the Job Search Wars

13 Essential Steps you must follow to get your DREAM JOB & beat your competition.


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How to Hire Top Sales Representatives

Today’s video will show you the top 5 things to keep in mind when interviewing and hiring sales reps for medical sales, healthcare sales, DNA sales, medical supplies sales, clinical diagnostics sales, pharmaceutical sales, laboratory sales, biotech sales, pathology sales, or imaging sales:  what to make sure you do, and how to avoid common hiring mistakes.

1.  Use a results-based decision-making process.  What does this mean?  Look at your current reps (most importantly -look at the high performers).  What are their characteristics in common?  Similar backgrounds?  Similar degrees?  What works for them will likely be what makes a good current candidate.  They will “fit.” 

2.  Talk to your top candidates several times.  Make sure you’re getting a full picture of the candidate, not on just one really spectacular day.  And, have others speak to them.  See if others on your team are getting the same impression you are.   

3.  Watch the “tells.” If you play poker, you know about “tells.”  It’s just body language and behavior.  Read the book: Reading People.  It’s excellent.  And pay attention to things like:

–how they follow up with you after the interview

–what the thank you note looks like, how it is written, and when it came

–how the candidate dressed, and what kind of behavior you noticed

4.  Use an assessment tool:  DISC, Caliper, OPQ, or whatever- but use this on your current team first.  It’s like the background.  If you know what kind of personality characteristics make for a great sales rep in your company, look for those kinds of things in new candidates. 

5.  CHECK REFERENCES.  I’m amazed at how some hiring managers don’t check for references or pay close attention to the ones they call.  There are definite signs to look for that will give you solid clues about your candidate. 


Do you need help hiring? Are the candidates that you see just not qualified? Or are they not a fit culturally? Or are you just not seeing candidates that you can choose from?

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