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Here's How Our Resume
Upload System Works!


This system is super easy to use. And rest assured, your information is safe with us. in fact, as you'll see, potential Hiring Managers won't even get to see your resume unless you give us the go ahead.


So, here's how our resume upload system works…

First time users click on the "New User's Click Here" link below and fill out the basic information to become registered with our system.
Then you will be prompted to upload your resume in one of the following accepted digital formats: MS Word, PDF (editable), MS Publisher, Open Office, etc.
At any time afterwards, you can always log back in to make any necessary or desired changes. You'll find the log in link in the emails we send you.
When either one of our recruiters or our automated search system finds a job opening that matches your qualifications, we'll contact you to let you know and ask you if we should send your resume on to the Hiring Manager in charge. After reviewing the job posting you either tell us "Yes" or "No". That's it!

If "Yes" and the Hiring Manager is interested in you, you'll be contacted for an interview.

If "No" your information stays in our system until the next job opportunity matching your qualifications comes along.



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Still not convinced? There is a very important reason why uploading your resume into our system is Step #1 in the 3 Steps To Success!


You see, until you upload your resume, we can't help you find the job of your dreams. Oh sure, you can still view all of the job posting we have AND take advantage of all of the free tips, tricks and training we offer about how to get hired, how to ace interviews, etc. But until you upload your resume, all potential job opportunities that could be yours and should be yours are passing you by!


So it is absolutely essential that you register right now and upload a digital copy of your resume as soon as possible because until you do, neither our recruiters nor our automated search can match up your qualifications with job opportunities currently available.


In other words you can't apply for ANY position until you have submitted your resume. So take that all important first step by clicking on the link below…


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