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You are just 3 small steps away from the job of your
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Dear Job Seeker,

Since you are reading this page, chances are pretty good you're looking for a job in the Medical and Laboratory Industry. Well, imagine for a moment that you had access to secret inside knowledge - information that could help you get the job of your dreams!

Wouldn't you like to know…

Exactly what Hiring Managers are looking for?
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How to ace those tough interview questions that always seem designed to make you look silly or even stupid?
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What you should wear as well as how to act and behave to impress those in charge?
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How to transform your resume into a selling machine! Getting you multiple job offers.
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How adding a few extra pieces of paper to your interview process can almost force a Hiring Manager to hire you? (* Hint: it's not your resume or a cover letter)
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How to stand out in a crowd the right way, no matter how stiff the competition is?

If you had access to all this knowledge and more, do you think it would increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams? You bet it would!

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Welcome to PHC Consulting! For the past 10 years we have been providing top talent (that's you) to the Medical and Laboratory Industry.

In a nut shell, we match up well trained and qualified people seeking a job with Hiring Managers from top companies in the Industry looking to fill certain positions. I guess you could call us an employment matchmaker!

The point is, we're talking to Hiring Managers every day and working hard to fulfill their needs! We know exactly what it is they are looking for. In fact, after so many years in the Industry, we not only find jobs for high quality candidates such as your self, but also provide in-depth consultations to both candidates seeking better jobs AND Hiring Managers looking to improve the overall quality of their hires!

In short, we have the inside knowledge from BOTH sides of the coin you need to get the job of your dreams! And, the best part is we want to give it all to you, absolutely FREE! But before we do…

Does This Describe You?

We're always on the look out for high quality candidates. This means that you have a science degree, plus some sales and marketing experience. (We have found over the years that most positions require both, although there are some exceptions to this rule.)

Also, you have a degree in one or more of the following: Biology, Chemistry, Cellular or Technical Support, Zoology, Molecular and so on.

If this is you, then great! Congratulations - you're in the right place. You can skip the next paragraph and keep reading.

If not, please consider getting either more training or experience before applying for one of these jobs. If you need advice in this matter, please check out our in-depth consultation services by clicking here.

To give you a good idea of the types of jobs you can get, here is just a partial list of our most typical placements…

check mark Account Executive or Account Manager
check mark Major Account Manager or Key Account Manager
check mark Corporate Account Manager or GPO/IDN Manager
check mark Business Development Manager
check mark Regional Sales Manager or District Manager
check mark VP of Sales or VP of Marketing (or both)
check mark Director of Sales or Director of Marketing (or both)
check mark Field Service Engineer or Field Service Manager
check mark Field Applications or Technical Support Specialist

So What Can We Do For You?

When you subscribe to the Steps To Success newsletter below, you'll get instant access to our unique data-linked Resume Upload System. By submitting your information you'll have the opportunity to apply for some of the most exciting career opportunities in the Medical and Laboratory (Life Sciences) Industry today!

We get exclusive requests to fill positions from some of the most prestigious Medical Equipment, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies in the world! It's no secret that some of the best career opportunities available through ANY search firm can be found here.

By submitting your resume and taking advantage of all of the free tips, tricks and advice we hand to you on a silver platter, our recruiters will do everything in their power to match up your qualifications with just the right job opportunities!

And don't worry about your information getting lost in the system. With our combination of live recruiters and our automated search utilities, we're sure to find a match for you. Here a good example: Although most of our candidates get placed in 1 year or less, there was once a candidate looking for a hard to find position who submitted his resume into our system in early 2000. Five years later the right position came available and our automated search system pulled up his name. One of our recruiters then gave him a call to see if he was interested and… viola! He got the job.

So you see, our system never sleeps and our recruiters are totally committed to finding you the job of your dreams!

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Still Not Sure?

Here's what some of our other candidates had to say…

“Peggy was my favorite recruiter in the Lab arena. She worked with me to help transition out of surgical to the Lab industry. Peggy was the only recruiter to do a serious interview with me before she suggested positions. I've remained in contact with her for almost 9 years. I plan to use Peggy when able to fill any available positions. If you are looking for a new work challenge or if you’re a hiring manager looking for quality applicants I recommend Peggy.” ~ Donny G. National Accounts Manager-Clinical Diagnostics (Oncology)

“I was a candidate recruited by Peggy in 2005 for a sales position at a medical device company. This was a new market for me, and Peggy provided valuable coaching to enable me to tailor my experiences to fit the company's specific needs in selling to this market. Throughout the several hiring steps her communication was timely and her advice useful and relevant. I'd recommend Peggy to anyone looking for a job in the medical device field.” ~ Owen S. - Large capital sales (molecular)

“I've known Peggy since 2001 - she was instrumental in helping me secure a Job with a very well known life science company that specialized in selling reagents & capital equipment. Peggy was a great sounding board & had some great insights for me during that particular hiring process - they helped me get through multiple interviews with the hiring manager(s) & in the end I came away with an offer. I make it a point to keep in touch with Peggy because I trust & value her opinion, but more importantly, because I get a sense that she's looking out for my best interest. ” ~ Todd F. - Accounts Manager-Life Science Products

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To your Career Success,

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Peggy McKee, Senior Recruiter
PHC Consulting

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