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Biotechnology Sales Jobs Listings

Some of the best known biotech/research companies are:

Affymetrix Bio-Rad Laboratories
GE HealthCare Beckman Coulter


Another great industry to sell into….why? There are very few layoffs and there are always opportunities. The skill sets to be successful in this industry are sales skills, follow up, follow through, and technical knowledge. A background in biology, chemistry, microbiology or any other lab area is more of a necessity than in another other sales arena. But there are some incredibly successful representatives without that technical education. The biotech/research laboratory industry leaders do a good job of training and continuing education. Technology in this sector changes quickly and the sales representative has to be able to discuss the products with confidence. Customers here see the biotech/research lab sales representative as a consultant and value the information that the representative brings to them. So job stability, respect are great attributes. Add to that income. Typically, a representative with 2-5 years of experience is able to consistently earn 6 figure incomes, have a car allowance or company car, 401k, and all of the other health benefits. This is a great space to work in!

Check out our current biotech / research laboratory sales opportunities here.


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