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We hope that you enjoy using the resources that we have gathered together here. We have scoured the web to find websites that are related the restaurant industry or other items of interest to the people who would most likely be visiting here. Check the descriptions of each category for a more detailed listing of types of websites in that category. Feel free to contact us at to suggest a great site that we should link to. Or if you are a webmaster, read our instructions to webmasters below. Please visit our recommended sites!


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Our linking policy
- We will link to high quality sites whose content offers value to our customers, clients, and visitors. We will do so without regard for search engine placement, link popularity, or Google PageRank. We will not link to link farms, link rings, link exchanges or any other automated or artificial linking scheme. We will not link to adult only websites nor will we link to gambling sites. We do not require reciprocation from websites that we choose to link to from these pages, but if you find our site to be of value to your visitors please consider linking back to us.

We also have no problem linking with other sites that offer services that may be in direct competition to us. We believe in co-opetition, and are more than willing to point our visitors toward other recruiters websites. We believe that visitors should have the opportunity to judge for themselves who will be best able to help them with their search needs. Where it makes sense, we are very desirous of working together with other executive recruiting firms, medical sales management recruiters, and executive search firms to help make sure that client companies are afforded the opportunity to review and interview the very best talent available. We are happy to provide highly qualified laboratory products sales candidates and laboratory products sales management executives from well-developed network and large database for assignments where other medical sales recruiters need help. We are also happy to have other medical sales recruiters present candidates to us for search assignments that we are working on. You can check those assignments at our medical sales opportunities listing page.

Why link to other sites?
- There are lots of reasons to link to other sites. The main reason and what should be the driving force for any links you place on your site should be to provide valuable content to your users. There is no way that we can be the be all end all of information and content for the medical sales, laboratory sales, or medical sales management candidates that visit this site. We try very hard to provide them rich and valuable content in very specific areas of interest to medical sales professionals. We have focused our content creation efforts on those narrow areas.

On this site we currently provide content rich pages on medical sale opportunities. Our medical sales recruiters blog provides rich content about how to better utilize the services of executive recruiters, in particular medical sales recruiters.

However, we also want to bring to our users resources that will be valuable to them in areas where we don't have any particular expertise. Our medical sales management executives may need help when contemplating a relocation. They might be interested in furthering their education. They may professional career coaching. They may have a spouse or significant other that has employment needs outside the medical sales or laboratory products industry. All of these are reasons for us to link to moving companies, business management education programs, and executive recruiters for healthcare. Because we link to sites that sometimes don't seem to have a whole lot to do with the laboratory products or life sciences industry, it sometimes raises eyebrows with some webmasters. We don't worry too much about that, we are here to serve our visitors. If your site doesn't seem to be related to the life sciences industry don't worry that we have linked to you, we are doing it for our users. If we ask you to link to us, we have a pretty good idea that our users can benefit from visiting your web site and we want to make that easy for them.

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